Exciting New Features of iOS 7

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Although much has been said about the new iOS 7 that is yet to be launched. This new software version is designed to work well with all the iDevices including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Even though you might already be aware about the features in generality offered by this software there is still a lot to know. A few of the most essential features that are overlooked in iOS 7 are worth finding out.

Ad tracking

iOS 7 comes with the ability to help you with ad tracking. You will be able to limit the process by making a few settings, go to Settings->Privacy->Advertising-> Advertising Identifier. An Advertising Identifier comes handy when you want to gain control over the tracking methods employed by an advertiser. This tool helps you to limit the number of ads appearing as a result of an app. By using this tool you are setting a filter for apps for serving ads. You will no longer be annoyed or bombarded with useless unnecessary ads.

No Tracking Feature

You have an option of setting yet another privacy feature called Do Not Track. This option comes within Safari browser. This new version gives you the freedom to make customized settings, go to Settings->Safari->Privacy & Security. This way you will enable settings that will help you protect your privacy and keep away websites from tracking your online activity. With this feature you will save your personal information related to the choices you make online.


With the latest version of iOS you are allowed the feature of blocking. You will now be able to utilize the blocking feature for specified contacts. Add a given contact to your iMessages, Text messages or FaceTime for blocking purpose within the Settings-> Blocked. This way a specified contact will now be blocked and would not be able to contact you.  This is the first time Apple has ever introduced the feature of blocking. It will come in handy whenever you want to rid of an annoying caller or just wish to exclude them completely.

Auto Close

The iOS 7 offers you additional feature of Subtitles and Captioning. To enable this option go to Settings-> General -> Accessibility->Hearing. This feature comes handy when you are watching a movie or a video with subtitles. If the captions or subtitles are not available then the feature can be disabled. Additionally, you can even choose the font style for the subtitles to be displayed. You will be easily able to make out the dialogues with the text provided. This can come in handy when you want to enjoy a movie without disturbing your roommate.

Fetching Popular Apps

The best part of using technology is to get information from your own vicinity. This comes handy when you are on a look out for most popular apps based on your current location. You will find it most useful when you are traveling and looking for public transit or hiring cabs. The feature of Popular Near Me gives you suggestions within the App Store and fetch apps accordingly. You will be easily able to find apps that are well trusted in the local area. This does makes sense for a traveler who is new to the town.

Getting Directions

iOS 7 gives you an additional option with its Maps app that gives you a chance to customize directions. You will be able to add your own preferred directions from walking to driving. This way you will be easily guided and reach sooner to a given location next time when you visit that place. All you need to do is add directions as you discover or visit a place. You will also be able to keep an accurate track of distance covered and the exact location based on your personal observation.

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Exciting New Features of iOS 7

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This article was published on 2013/09/13